Residential Roofing


Composition Shingles

Composition shingles have a core made of fiberglass with an exterior coating of weather resistant asphalt. The exterior is then embedded with crushed rock. The size and thickness of shingles depends upon each different manufacturer’s specifications.

Composition shingles are very popular because of the variety of style and color options. They last between 15 to 30 years and as such, are an economical choice for most owners. Prices vary, depending upon the size of the roof, the customization options and the style of the chosen composition shingle. The least expensive option is a flat shingle, but many homeowners like the aesthetically pleasing 3-dimensional style. Some of the more high end composition shingles are made to look like cedar shingles or classic architectural shingles that suit the style of the home.

Metal Roofing

Among the benefits of metal roofing are the amount of choices available. Multiple types of metal, a variety of colors, the ability to paint the panels, along with different profiles (some are manufactured to look like wooden shake shingles), make metal roofs popular among homeowners. This variety of choices allows homeowners to customize a roof based on durability, style and price. Metal roofs stand the test of time; they last between 40 to 70 years. They are relatively light weight, can withstand strong winds, are fireproof, and require little to no maintenance. A metal roof system is energy efficient; reflecting solar heat and cutting back on cooling costs. Metal roofing is more expensive than other options, however, the larger initial investment is worth the added expense because of the longevity of these roofs.

Clay Roofing Tile

Clay tiles are one of the most distinctive and decorative historic roofing materials because of their variety of shapes, colors, profiles, patterns and textures. One of the benefits of clay tiles is the extended life expectancy-generally at least 100 years, but often several hundred. However, to ensure this longevity, the tiles must be regularly inspected and maintained. Modern clay tiles have even more variety than the historic tiles. Many shapes and styles are offered in a wide variety of colors and glazes.

Equipment & Accessories

Pioneer Builders Supply, in addition to carrying all types of roofing materials, has a complete line of roofing equipment and supplies. From fasteners to flashing, screws to seam rollers, we’ve got you covered. Pioneer Builders Supply is the single source for all of your roofing needs.

Related Roofing Products

No roofing project is complete without underlayment and ventilation. Protect your investment with one of the many brands Pioneer Builders Supply carries. Interested in going the extra mile to ensure your home or building is energy efficient? Learn more about the benefits of roofing insulation and skylights by discussing your project with one of our expert sales people.